Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Wednesday evening March 9

Hi everyone,
I am so sorry to have left you 'hanging', but I have been busy trying to catch up on all of the other mail that came in while Smooth was still missing.
I will keep this blog up until I can create a photographic chronicle on Smooth. That may take a week perhaps as I have a lot of wonderful photos to prepare for a webpage that will remain indefinitely lest we forget the wonderful people, such as yourself, that came together to Pray and help one very traumatized Rescue Rottweiler.
Michelle has talked to the truck driver that arrived at the scene of the accident and she says he is such a super sweet fellow and he was so thrilled to learn that Smooth is safe. We hope he will be attending our breed Nationals next month and also Smooth will be there as I believe she was #1 Agility Rottie last year and will be awarded.
I get your notes in my private email so feel free to remind me for an update if you think I am taking too long.
Smooth is doing very well, she still needs a few weeks crate rest and leash walking only due to deep bruising.
Finally, again I wish to thank each and everyone of you for your steadfastness and Prayers...
Hugs to all the canines out there and God Bless all of the owners that cared.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Fox News 2

We have just learned that Fox News 2 in St. Louis will be covering Smooth's plight at 9pm CST tonight. Please call your local Fox stations to see if they will pick up the story. Let them know this is of National interest. Ask for the News Director and let them know it is on Fox News 2 in St. Louis MO.

You can also pass the blog information along to the News Media so that can read about it. :-)


I am sharing some more photos...taken right after Smooth was captured. I will be setting up a full webpage of photos in chronological order as soon as all of the photos are in....

The first one was taken right after Smooth was released, this was a flyer prepared for an Agility meet this weekend.

The second one is of when Michelle was kneeling at the car door bidding goodbye to Smooth.

Smooth update - home at last

Jim just sent out this report and I'm sure he would like it to be added to the blog...Martha

Well, It's Sunday afternoon and the sun is shining here at Smooth's new home the Bahr-Nichter estate. Darlene from rotti-rescue dropped off Smooth last night at 9:00 pm. Smooth greeted me with a wagging tail but seemed a little sedated from her long trip. I put her out in the yard with the rest of my crew including her pal Samson. She really responded to Samson and got all excited and whined a happy greeting. He of course returned the greeting with lots of jumping around while barking wildly. A big happy reunion! I fed Smooth a couple of cups of food which she gulped down in seconds. It was then time for a good night sleep. This morning I let everybody out to potty then took Smooth, Samson, and Jolie for a short walk around the neighborhood.

Walking will have to be done in shifts now. I will probable lose a couple of pounds in the process so I'm not complaining.:) I fed Smooth another couple cups of food. I think a couple of good meals will help put the needed weight back on. I will increase tonight's food to three cups and see how she does. Her stool has been a bit loose but nothing bad.

I let all the dogs out again. Jolie and Samson immediately began to play. Smooth just watched at first then got more excited and began barking and wagging her tail to get in the game. Diane and I always called Smooth the "fun police" because she likes to bark and harass who ever is trying to play. Jolie and Samson ignored Smooth and just kept on playing. Smooth got louder but to no avail as the party continued until I needed to quite things down. I don't want to upset the neighbors. They have been real understanding about the growing family. I said " OK that's enough" but Smooth kept it up until I yelled "SMOOTH CUT THAT OUT!". Smooth turned and looked at me than flattened her ears back and ran to me and slammed into my side and let out a joyous "woof". It was as if she was saying "IT REALLY IS YOU!" I gave a her a big thump on the side and a kiss on the snout. It was a special moment. I looked up and said to Diane, " boy I must have done a lot of yelling at Smooth in that RV. :)

Darlene had taken Smooth to the vet on Saturday morning to be checked out. She was not putting a lot of weight on her back left leg. X-rays where done and thankfully no broken bones. She does have some soft tissue injury so no agility for a while. Lots of crate rest and walking on leash to build back her strength. Probable 6 to 8 weeks is what he said. I will post some pics of Smooth as soon as I can. I have to get a new USB cord for my digital camera.

Thanks again to all of you.

Jim & Frank w/ Chelsea, Cosmo, Kaiser, Jolie, Samson, and Smooth

We made page 1 again

and the picture of Smooth, Michelle and me that I sent out earlier is there in color.

What a great ending, thanks to all who wrote, prayed, phoned...thanks!


Martha and my Sheltie, Raisin's Jamie Fraser OA OAJ CGC TDI HIC

PHOTOS of Smooth and Michelle

Here is a note I just got from Michelle herself so that you can meet her and the best part, you can see for yourself how Smooth immediately bonded to her....have kleenex handy.... Incidently I will be sharing the TON of other photos as soon as I get them from Michelle......jan
am so thankful that Smooth is home with you, Jim! What a truly wonderful girl she is. I can't wait to see the reunion pics!

We have all been blessed to be a part of Smooth and Diane's life. Whether is was in the dog world, her personal world, or through the search for Smooth. The search for Smooth has brought together people from all areas of the world, offering suggestions, prayers, or just heartfelt thanks. From all accounts I have heard, Diane lived life to the fullest. I am sure she never realized how many lives she touched when she was with us on Earth. However, I am confident she knows what a legacy she has now created. I didn't know her personally but I know that I am truly a better person for being allowed into her world via her friends and Smooth. As many have stated, finding Smooth was the final chapter needed for Diane to be allowed to rest peacefully.

Thank you to each of you for allowing me to be a part of her world. Smooth touched my heart when she was here and I cannot WAIT to see her at ARC Nationals in St. Louis!!!!

Hugs and Blessings to all that have been on this roller coaster ride! It truly had a magnificent ending on Friday night.


PS I have attached a couple of pics. One of Smooth in the live trap when she was first loaded and the other as she was leaving Southern Illinois. I have a ton of others that I took through the night and in the morning when she and I had a slumber party Fri.

Here is smooth in the live trap just after she was loaded into the SUV to be taken to a safe/secure place to let her out.

Smooth in Michelle's arms


Newspaper articles

Click on this link to find numerous articles, including the feature today...
If the link does not work here, please copy and paste it or piece it together in the browser, if it still does not link, then let me know and I will place each article on the blog..


Saturday, March 05, 2005


Darlene just dropped Smooth off at Jim's! Smooth was excited to see her dad and Samson was even more excited to see Smooth! Samson was running around like a crazy dog! Jim said she has lost an incredible amount of weight, but he'd get her back up to par. The vet gave her a fairly clean bill of health (shy of the eye problem) she just needs lots of R & R, and hugs and kisses!

Thanks to everyone for making this possible for Smooth!


I keep forgetting to mention that Pam Kristoff has opened up her home to Diane's little corgi/rottie mixe and her dogs are in absolute joy, they are so in love with Tattoo! I have fogotten who now has Buttercup, who was injured in the accident, but I will go back through my notes and try to find out to let everyone now. These folks have stepped up and offered to share their lives and homes for the lifetime of these beloved friends of Diane's and they too need to be acknowledged with our love and gratitude.
The Amercan Rottweiler Club, our parent club, will be requesting Smooth's appearance at the National Show next month to be honored along with the wonderful Truck Driver who will be honored with a Good Samaritan Award.
Jim has indicated he will be thrilled to take Smooth!!!....jan

I have photos coming of the area where the search began and of those involved and of course the final reunion just moments ago!!!
I will be sharing them either here or on a webpage so keep tuned!!...jan
I can't wait for the NEWSPAPER TOMORROW......!!!!!
One final personal comment from me....I never had the honor and privilege of meeting Diane or saw her make a run with Smooth, but the stories that have been shared with me since her tragedy makes me so honored to have been a small part of these past days. She was a wonderfully loved and respected person that was known for always being there when needed, she was an honorable competitor and many have said she will be truly missed. Not only was she admired for what she and Smooth could do in the ring, but she always brought a smile as folks would always mention the lady with the Rottweiler that ran in her bare feet...there will never be another Diane....she was so special to so so many ways.
HERES TO DIANE.....God Bless you and may your wonderful spirit and zest for life forever shine in the memories of those that have come to admire you...

Breaking news

I just saw this and was surprised as it was not in the morning paper. This report was done by someone at the paper, not by the reporter who wrote the previous two stories and wrote the one that will appear on Sunday.

Michelle Shadowens will definitely be featured in the full story for her tireless work, and her picture will be in the paper. She is the person mentioned in the breaking news story and it's a shame whoever wrote it did not take the time to include her name!!! The reporter, Becky Malcovich, interviewed both of us.

It was heartbreaking this morning to watch Michelle and Smooth trying to say goodbye to each other. Smooth just did not want to let Michelle go, using her head and paws to hold her there.


Newspaper article

I will post the Sunday's feature when it becomes available.

The article neglected the number two person involved in the rescue of Smooth...President of Mid-America Rottweiler Rescue (MARR), Michelle Shadowens. Smooth stayed in the home of Michelle and both slept on the floor while Smooth on a pillow and blanket belonging to Diane, last night.

Darlene Agena-Hombaker and Tonjia Burns, True Hearts of Rottweiler Rescue (THORR), will be transporting Smooth today to Chicago to be linked up with her now owner Jim Bahr, co-trainer/co-runner of Smooth and very close friend of Diane's.

The reason Jim was not there at the time of the capture of Smooth was that he was in preparation for a family memorial/celebration of Diane.

God was with everyone involved in the search for and rescue of Smooth.

To get a copy of the rescue "bible"

Someone asked about getting a copy of the book. Go to this website and click on Sheltie Rescue Shop. I bought several, gave one to our library, have others to loan out.

Regards, Martha

Friday, March 04, 2005

I almost forgot

I want to extend a special thank you to the many animal communicators that have been telling Smooth to go to the trap and await friends that will love and care for her. I have never used a communicator, but I have had friends assure me they are wonderful and have performed the unimaginable with animals.
Thank you to each one of you for your persistant help you have graciously offered throughout and to the one that talked to Michelle just this morning....'how 'bout that???? :)
Hugs and God Bless everyone!!

Smooth is found!!!

At 7:10 p.m. the phone rang and a voice said, "Martha, this is Janice. Bob says tell you that dog is in the cage."
I called Michelle and probably split her eardrum and we both took off for Pulley's Mill for maybe the 50th time but this was the ONE. I didn't call anybody because I wanted to see her with my own eyes first, and there she was -- wearing the same collar as in the photos we used on the flyers.
We carried the trap down the hill and put it in the vehicle. We waited a few minutes while Bob's sister came down, as she was the one who had called me yesterday and said Bob had seen Smooth in his yard. She was very glad to see people and was licking any fingers she could reach through the wire.
Then we drove in caravan to the secure kennel, carried the trap inside, and let her out. She was SO hungry, when I left she was still looking for food and loved having clean water. She looks remarkably good considering she's been out 12 days. She's thin but not severely thin, her eyes look puffy and she's favoring her left hind.
After talking to Bob yesterday, I made the decision to move the first trap to his yard, even though that meant both traps were within sight of each other. The reasoning was that the terrain was so different she could have a choice of the hilltop or the valley and trees. She chose the valley within an hour of the trap being set.
Thanks to Darley Duffy and her "bible" on how to find a lost dog, and her constant reminder, "Be patient!!!! Give her time!"


Now some instant details

NO, I do not have the info on her capture, but I am on the phone as I type this and I can hear Smooth panting and Michelle baby talking and have been told that Smooth is lying on the floor between Michelle's legs with her head in her lap as Michelle is picking off ticks.. Ooops...apparently Michelle is getting her face fully washed and all the while Smooth's stump is going a thousand miles an hour.
They have taken her to a local grooming shop, whose owner is also helps with rescue....but I think Michelle will be taking Smooth home tonight because Smooth has become like velcro to her. It is amazing, I am sitting here in tears...I try not to get emotionally involved with the dogs over the years, but Smooth and Diane more than touched my heart.
I have to say the tenacity of Martha did pay off and for that I am so grateful, it is either that or the Lord or Diane heard my carefully laid out long terms plans and told Smooth to get her rear in the trap and end this....:)
Smooth is acting as if Michelle were her long lost best buddy...Michelle had permission to go to the RV and obtain whatever articles that might be used in the recapture of Smooth so she had gathered laundry etc and lots of dog's toys this afternoon...apparently Smooth recognizes her toys...(now doesn't that sound just like a Rottie)....
Smooth is one happy dog right now but is sure not going to let Michelle move away from her...sigh
Thanks again everyone....I will let you make comments for a couple of days, then this blog will close....
Love, hugs and
God Bless


I came home to a call on my phone that Smooth has been caught. I am sure that Martha will post ASAP with all of the details. If not I will find out and post ASAP!!
God Bless everyone for there Prayers....they WORKED!!!!

Early Friday

I just got off of the phone with Jim, who was not only a dear friend of Diane's and co-trainer/runner of Smooth, but he will be taking Smooth's so that she may live out the rest of her life with a friend.
A long-term plan has been layed out in order to build a pattern of confidence for Smooth. Having dealt with coyotes and a few wolves in the past, the proposed plan for Smooth's capture will be directed in a similar manner. The main difference is that Smooth has that deep, quiet intelligence of a Rottweiler and like most, when you want them to do something, you cannot just tell them to react, ours is the breed that stops and says..."Why?" , "What's in it for me" and "I have other things much more important to do right now".
Using this trait and her fears we hope we have a viable plan.
I have not heard directly of the recent sightings but hopefully will get that posted as soon as word is available. I have gotten around 50 requests for the trucker driver's name and address so folks can send him their personal gratitude for helping so much and being there for Diane and the dogs.
Please know that obtaining Smooth may take days/weeks as she needs space but we can work with that need as well. keep the Prayers and thoughts heading her way...
I want to take this moment to thank everyone that has written about her and offered suggestions and Prayed for her safe return....without all of the support the people on the ground searching would not be able to maintain their high spirits....please keep it up.....everyone needs them more than ever...Smooth has been loose for almost 12 days now....sigh......

In answer to a question...from what folks have been able to relay, Smooth was not injured during the accident, she seems healthy and agile...remember this is a senior...she is 10 years old and for our breed whose average lifespan is around 8-9...she is truly extraordinary!!!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Wednesday - slow day

Hi all,
It's been a long day of waiting with nothing new. She was not in either trap. The weather is much improved and willl stay decent until about Tuesday per reports.
I did get a call this morning from a very kind lady who has seen Smooth several times. It was reassuring to learn that she lives just about 2 blocks from the new trap site. She said she wakes in the night and thinks about Smooth and the people looking for her. The kindness of the people in the area is almost overwhelming at times, and greatly appreciated.
There will be a new story in the newspaper tomorrow. They will probably get it online by 9 or 10, keep checking.
The news reporter was most cooperative and is including several "tips" on how people can help us. She wants a followup story when Smooth is safe and Jim says absolutely, she will get it.
My morning plan is to get copies of the paper and deliver them along the road. Many people in Pulley's Mill take a different paper.

PS I have just read all the comments on the last two posts, and thank all of you for your suggestions, encouragement, prayers. The one about how to approach her, no eye contact, etc., is very good. I hope I get a chance to use it soon.

Wednesday Morning 3/2

We actually have three communicators talking to Smooth at this point, another one that one of our volunteers works with is also talking to her. ...

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

late Tuesday news

Hi all,
Michelle and I just got home from a long trip. We went down to Union County and got a second trap from the cooperative AC people there. It's a sturdier one than the first. We took it to the house where Smooth was this morning. This is the third time they have seen her, once before the Friday paper came out, and she could have been through there other times that they weren't looking outside.
These people are simply great. She has had a Rottie before and is especially interested on that account, plus she is not afraid of the big dog. Her husband helped us set up the trap down in their side yard. We tarped the back end, the top and one side and left most of the second side open for light and for checking to see if she is in there. Don't want them to have to walk way down there a lot, and perhaps at the wrong time. We put the crate pad in the trap along with Diane's coat. Baited with chow and chicken that was heated and the smell was very strong and very good. We put the chicken on the ground outside the trap, all along the floor and in the bowl past the trigger.
I learned more of the morning sighting and it's good. Julie stepped out the door when she saw Smooth, who turned to run but turned back when her name was called. She stood and watched Julie and listened to her, but then moved down the road. Julie got in her car and followed her calling to her. Smooth stopped and Julie got out of the car and called, "Down." Smooth sat. Just then a neighbor dog ran out barking, and Smooth broke and ran.
This is so encouraging!!! How each one of us would like to have been Julie this morning. Perhaps tomorrow will bring more response from Smooth if the trap doesn't do the job tonight. We left with promises of a phone call, even if it's 3 a.m.
After that visit we went down to Caraway and spoke to Christy. She's just as enthusiastic as ever, and reminded us that if we find Smooth somewhere else we must be sure to let her know. We tarped the first crate the same as the new one and added fish to the chow. She said she hasn't seen Smooth the last few nights and believes she was more comfortable there with her dogs loose so she is going to leave them out tonight. We didn't see any reason to argue with her over this, but we did put the fish just on the outside as otherwise she would have her own dogs back in there yet again with the door down.
The weather here is better than last night. The snow has stopped and melted. The winds have died down. It's still pretty cold but not as bad as last night, for sure.

Jim asked earlier: Do you think it would be possible to corral her in that yard some how? I think she might be on to the trap. I am grateful that she has chosen an area with such nice people. Now we just need her to cooperate a little.

Jim, the yard is at the top of a rise and not much level ground beyond what the house is on. I can't imagine how we could corral her because it would take a crowd, which she would know was there, plus there's nowhere to herd her that she couldn't dart off somewhere else. No natural barrier anywhere around. Does this make sense?

Tuesday Afternoon

I just talked to Jim and there was another sighting of Smooth in the same 8:30.

Diane's little old guy Tattoo, rescue Rottie/Corgi is now living with my pack -- 2 rotties and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. My staffy bull is absolutely in love with him, a rottie her size. For what he's been through, he is doing well, just seems to have some soreness and bruising.........Pam

For those that have requested the Truck Driver's address to mail him a thank you card...I made a terrible GOOF!! I inadvertantly cut off the street numbers!!
Here is the complete street address:
208 Hubbard St.
I am so sorry for the inconvenience........jan

Still no word for today

I will be contacting those in the field later this evening to see what has occurred overnight. Whether Smooth was sighted and if she ate at. The food was to have been pulled and only placed in the trap.
I am getting notes requesting the info on the Truck Driver that was first on the scene and some have done so via 'comments'. You should send the requests to me directly since I do not want to post publically. My email is .
There are photos of Smooth and Diane taken this past year at

Newspaper article with photo may be found at:

The trap has some of Diane's clothing and items belonging to Smooth nearby/in or on it. The other dogs that Smooth new were injured and have been returned to Illinois. I will try to find out the status of the one with the greatest injuries.

Tuesday AM March 1

Checked email this morning nothing new in as yet. Will post the minute I hear any news....jan

Have been getting a lot of requests for the truck drivers name and address so that folks can send him cards, thanking him for what he had done. I will be sending out his address to those that have requested it later today.....jan

I have given my posting ID and Password to those that are involved in the search so that they can post any information direct to the blog without any delays.....jan


If anyone wishes to make any comments, it can be done without affecting the blog, the comments will become private so that if there are any suggestions, they will go to another area. This will also help free up my private email box and make it easier for me to respond where necessary....jan

Monday, February 28, 2005

Monday 28 latest updates

this note in this morning.....
....We had another good sighting yesterday afternoon, she seems fine and is
staying in her loop. We hoped very much she would go in the trap last
night but no luck. We will try again tonight, and as many nights as it
takes. The trap is in the RIGHT place. She has been eating dog food there
for several nights and the family is not putting any more out except in the
I currently have the Trucker's name/address if folks would like to send him cards for his heroic efforts for Diane. ...jan
Smooth is staying a particular area and the person that is placing the food and has the trap on his property is fully aware that she is a special dog and that the country is Prayer for her safe capture. He will do whatever it takes to help. I feel that Smooth needs Prayers to help her fight her fears at this time for it does not take long for a dog to become 'feral' after a situation as this...and with her intelligence it will probably take a lot of time and persistence to get her to the point of being caught. ...jan
A couple of animal communicators have sent their information on Smooth and it has been forwarded to the folks there, thank you so very, very much. Right now we all know where she is and we want to keep her in the area to increase the chances of getting her....jan
I have also gotten calls of volunteers to help transport Smooth to Jim in Chicago, what ever it takes. The calls of Prayers and support have been overwhelming, I am sure that Diane's spirit must be aware of the outpouring of love for her and her beloved Rottie. I get calls from folks in tears as they want to help...jan
I have contacted our Parent Club and hopefully there will be an award for the wonderful truck driver that stopped at the accident and then took the time to stop again when he saw that the news media had misrepresented Smooth...he wanted to set the story straight...I have had contact by someoen in the trucking industry on how we can see he gets recognition from his peers....jan